StationAPI UDP C++ Setup

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StationAPI UDP C++ Setup

Post by Admin on Wed Oct 26, 2016 12:40 am

stationapi Build Status

A base library at the core of applications that implement chat and login functionality across galaxies.

An open implementation of the chat gateway that SOE based games used to provide various social communication features such as mail, custom chat rooms, friend management, etc.

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Uses the SOE libraries to implement chat features in a standalone utility. Ideally, the completed implementation would allow for multiple galaxies to connect and allow players to communicate across them.
External Dependencies

c++14 compatible compiler
udplibrary - bundled in the Star Wars Galaxies official source


Copy the udplibrary directory from the Star Wars Galaxies offical source to the top level swgchat directory, install the remaining dependencies via a package manager, then run the following:

mkdir build; cd build
cmake ..
cmake --build .

Database Initialization

By default, a clean database instance is provided and placed with the default configuration files in the build/bin directory; therefore, nothing needs to be done for new installations, the db is already created and placed in the appropriate location.

To create a new, clean database instance, use the following commands:

sqlite3 chat.db
sqlite> .read /path/to/extras/init_database.sql

Then update the database_path config option with the full path to the database.

A default configuration and database is created when building the project. Configure the listen address/ports in build/bin/stationchat.cfg. Then run the following commands from the project root:

cd build/bin


cd build/bin

Final Notes

It is recommended to copy the build/bin directory to another location after building to ensure the configuration files are not overwritten by future changes to the default versions of these files.

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